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backyard cubicle - before pictureIt may be the end of the summer.  But we aren't ready to let it go just yet.


Our coworker was on vacation for a week and a half and that was all the excuse we needed to turn his cubicle into a summer paradise.  His cube led a spartan existance up until this point, barren as the tundra, especially since he took down the remants of his birthday prank.  How could we not redecorate it for him?


 When WE think of summer we think of the backyard barbecue...  with green grass, potted plants, coolers full of beer, a grill heated up, Backyard Paradiseflags and wind chimes flying in the breeze, and cheesy plastic drinkware from which to sip your light summer beverage.


Now our office-mate will think that too.

The hardest part was probably cutting the astroturf, though a hearty pair of kitchen shears will do the trick.  And, as it turns out, The Home Depot sells turf for only a few bucks a square yard, making this prank fairly affordable.  After we put in the turf we put up the fence (white poster paper) over the lined cube walls (cloud fabric wrapped around the cubicle wall inserts.) 



desk and cups

Then we just placed the accessory items and VOILA! mmmm those burgers smell yummy...



Prank Stats:

Cost: $45
Time: 60 mins for 2 people

Difficulty: 3 out of 5 (medium)
faux turf (5 sq yards,) cloud fabric (2 sq yards,) 2 large sheets white poster board, potted plants, grill, yard chair, cooler, cups, flags, wind chimes

grill on astroturf

backyard fence in cubicle


(other ideas and options: screen door, full gas grill, bird feeder, garden gnome, stereo playing "Born in the USA", yard games, kiddy pool and/or water sprinkler, tire swing, tree house, cranky neighbors)


 Justin was a good sport about it when he returned from vacation...  and really seemed to enjoy the grill.



Justin grills in his cube

turf desk and accounting