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If there is a lot of pranking going on in the office, sometimes people come to expect it.  They try to stay late in their office the night before a personal milestone, or show up early after a vacation to scope things out before their office mates get in.

 We like to keep them guessing.

 Kelly's birthday was this week and she's seen us prepare many of our recent cubicle escapades, so we're sure she was expecting to walk in that morning and see the surfaces of her desk covered in elmo fur or hermit crabs or something similar.  However, we remembered that she is getting married in just 3 months - and what a good opportunity to get this beloved coworker paranoid about what we'll do while she's on her honeymoon. 


Along with the seemingly random jelloed stapler, we left this poem at her desk:

You thought you may have figured us out
But what fun would there be if there were no doubt?
We bring a special birthday gift for you
A little something from the zoo
So here we present this fine giraffe
Who brings this message on our behalf
This giraffe is just the start
The full reveal requires more take part
We wish you well on your honeymoon
We'll see you soon, perhaps May or June

 And, sitting next to it, was a giraffe balloon animal.

 The Teaser Prank

 Leave a seemingly random item with a seemily random poem.  Let them think something else bigger and scarier is coming.  Watch them squirm.

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Stapler Jello DeskWe're sure you saw the stapler in Jello on The Office, when Jim did this to Dwight so we thought we'd show you how easy it is to do. This is a fun and easy prank that requires no special occasion other than needed a good laugh. Especially great if a co-worker is really attached to their stapler. Those with red swingline staplers are excellent targets for this one.



Step 1: Make Jello using twice the Jello to water ratio as the box recommends

Step 2: Pour jello into bowl or container about an 1 1/2-2 inches deep

Step3: Chill Jello

Step 4: Remove Jello from refrigerator and place stapler on top. Trace the stapler with a knife

stapler in jello

Step 5: Cut out some of the jello to allow the stapler to sit deeper in the set Jello as seen below.

Stapler in Jello

Step 6: Make more jello as per previous instructions and cover stapler and chill.

Step 7: To remove Jello from mold place container in warm water for a couple seconds. Run a knife around the edge to break the seal. 

Jello Stapler

That's it!  Hope you enjoy this prank as much as we did.

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tin foil is really good for wrapping desk items
When we discovered our manager, Joe, had a birthday over the weekend, we celebrated by covering every item in his cubicle in tin foil.  When Joe came in on monday he was much amused (and was searching for his sunglasses)

Prank Stats:

Cost: $20
Time: 1.5 hours for 2 people
Difficulty: 2 out of 5 (easy/medium)
Materials: 500-600 sq feet of aluminum foil for a 10x10 office, a little bit of scotch tape.

We started by covering the computer monitor and small desk items with the foil, though now we know this made things tougher later on when we tried to cover the items underneath those (i.e. the desk.)  So, yeah, cover the desk first.  The foil is surprisingly easy to mold to nearly all office items.  The chairs and cabinets were a little more tough, but persevered since chairs are suprisingly easy to wrap in aluminumsuccess for these kinds of pranks are 80% thoroughness/attention to detail.  And these pranksters never settle for 2nd best.
Favorite items to tin foil:  phone cord (it molded so nicely and you could still see the spirals underneath,) commemorative baseball cap and stand (doing them separately and then putting them back in place has a nice effect,) and papers that were held by magnets to the white board (dont be lazy and do it all in one - wrapping each piece separately is well worth the extra effort.)
wall items are also excellent prank targets
Detail is key in this one - while wrapping each individual computer cord in foil sounds about as fun as giving your mother-in-law a foot massage, the attention to these small items will be much appreciated.
We've called this prank by a few names, including Aluminum Foil Office, Office of the Future, and Blindingly Awesome Office, but my favorite is Operation Tin Man.
Luckily, Joe enjoyed this prank, and he de-molded his monitor and keyboard carefully to preserve the foil in their molded shape. Pranks where you can have long-lasting remnants are extra special.