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Stapler Jello DeskWe're sure you saw the stapler in Jello on The Office, when Jim did this to Dwight so we thought we'd show you how easy it is to do. This is a fun and easy prank that requires no special occasion other than needed a good laugh. Especially great if a co-worker is really attached to their stapler. Those with red swingline staplers are excellent targets for this one.



Step 1: Make Jello using twice the Jello to water ratio as the box recommends

Step 2: Pour jello into bowl or container about an 1 1/2-2 inches deep

Step3: Chill Jello

Step 4: Remove Jello from refrigerator and place stapler on top. Trace the stapler with a knife

stapler in jello

Step 5: Cut out some of the jello to allow the stapler to sit deeper in the set Jello as seen below.

Stapler in Jello

Step 6: Make more jello as per previous instructions and cover stapler and chill.

Step 7: To remove Jello from mold place container in warm water for a couple seconds. Run a knife around the edge to break the seal. 

Jello Stapler

That's it!  Hope you enjoy this prank as much as we did.